About Us



  Our philosophy, founded on the president of the organization’s mantra, is that with the right therapeutic tools and support with personal aspirations for success, anyone can recover and become an asset to the community in which they live.

Client Focus


My Life Behavioral Health System, LLC is a substance abuse treatment service organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. We provide substance abuse treatment in outpatient settings. Adult men or women; Persons with HIV or AIDS, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) persons, Elderly adults are also welcomed at our facilities. 

Our Success


We measure our success when men and women completing our therapeutic program walk away with the confidence needed to strive forth and sustain a positive, healthy way of living; which includes giving back to the community at large. We presently operate at an 80% success rate.

Our Staff

Key Team Members


Responsible for the overall functioning and organizational oversight including administration, fundraising, corporate, public, and private media protocol, assessment, development, implementation  and evaluation all of the clinical services.


Primary purpose is to provide clinical and administrative supervision to clinical staffers; to provide treatment services to primary substance abuse clients; and to provide specialized addiction services to adults and community stakeholders.


Under general supervision, provides education and counseling on chemical dependency, co-occuring disorders, and relapse prevention to clients and their families. Responsible for matching individuals with clinically indicated treatment deemed appropriate at the time of the initial assessment and ongoing assessments thereafter. Collaborates regarding treatment with community psychiatrist, therapist or official health care providers to provide a holistic treatment approach.


Individualized. Purposed. Successful.

My Life Behavioral Health Systems provides an individualized approach to service delivery. Therefore, our message to our clients is, "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." During our time with each client, we encourage them to thrive within and without.